Shoulder MRI sample dictation

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[edit] Sample Dictation

Clinical statement: []

Technique: []

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Findings: The teres minor tendon is intact. The infra and supraspinatus tendons are preserved. The acromio-clavicular joint is unremarkable. There is no subacromial or subdeltoid bursitis. The coracoacromioal ligament is maintained, and there is no subacromial spur.

There is no muscle atrophy. The long head of the biceps is maintained in anatomic location, with an intact anchor. The subscapularis tendon is normal.

Evaluation of the labral capsular complex reveals the anterior and posterior labra and capsule to be maintained. Articular cartilage over the glenohumeral joint is preserved. Bone marrow signal is normal.

Impression: []

[edit] Standard Sequences/Planes