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[edit] Discussion of Sternalis muscle

  • The sternalis is an uncommon anatomic variant of the chest wall musculature
  • The sternalis is uncertain etiology and function.
  • It runs from the infraclavicular region inferiorly to approximately the caudal aspect of the sternum in a superficial location.
  • It is the superficial location of the muscle that allows for its occasional inclusion in the medial aspect of the craniocaudal mammogram.
  • Cadaveric studies have shown that the muscle is present in approximately 8% of both males and females
  • Sternalis is twice as often unilateral as bilateral.

  • Sternalis should not be confused with a pathological process.
  • CT may be obtained for confirmation when the diagnosis is uncertain.

[edit] Imaging Findings for Sternalis muscle

  • The mammographic appearance of the sternalis muscle is variable.
  • Visible in the medial aspect of the breast on the craniocaudal mammogram
  • It typically measured 1-2 cm in maximum dimension.
  • Appeared as a density of varying irregularity with an ill-defined margin.

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