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[edit] Discussion of T-shaped uterus

  • A T-shaped configuration of the endometrial cavity is the most commonly associated abnormality from in utero diethylstilbestrol (DES) exposure, seen in 31% of exposed women.
  • DES is a synthetic estrogen that was introduced in 1948
  • DES was prescribed for women experiencing recurrent spontaneous abortions, premature deliveries, and other pregnancy complications. By increasing the synthesis of placental steroidal hormones, DES was thought to decrease the frequency of pregnancy loss.
  • In utero exposure to DES was shown to be associated with clear cell carcinoma of the vagina, and use of the drug was abruptly discontinued in 1971 (incidence 0.14–1.4 per 1000 women exposed).

[edit] Imaging Findings for T-shaped uterus

[edit] HSG

  • Narrowed irregular endocervical canal.
  • The opacified endometrial cavity appears small, with a shortened upper uterine segment, resulting in the characteristic T configuration

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