Takayasu arteritis

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[edit] Discussion of Takayasu arteritis

  • AKA pulseless disease
  • Takayasu arteritis affects large and medium-sized arteries
  • Characterized by ocular disturbances and marked weakening of the pulses in the upper extremities (hence the name pulseless disease).
  • Also associated with fibrous thickening of the aortic arch with narrowing or virtual obliteration of the origins of the great vessels arising in the arch.

  • Incidence in the United States was once estimated at 2.6 cases per 1,000,000 population per year.
  • More often observed in patients of Asian origin, but it has been described in all racial groups.
  • Females make up 80%–90% of patients with Takayasu arteritis, mostly in the second and third decades of life.

[edit] Imaging Findings for Takayasu arteritis

[edit] Scintigraphy

  • Gallium-67 radionuclide scanning may show increased uptake in the aorta and its branches when there is some degree of active inflammation.

[edit] US

  • Duplex Doppler ultrasonography may be used to identify circumferential vessel wall thickening and thereby evaluate and monitor disease in the aorta and branch vessels

[edit] CT

  • CT scans may demonstrate mural thickening of the aorta, as well as luminal narrowing.
  • Use of contrast material may reveal enhancing inflammatory lesions in the early stage of the disease, prior to the development of stenoses.

[edit] MRI

  • Like CT, MRI can provide information on vessel wall thickening (even before lumen changes become apparent), luminal narrowing, and luminal dilatation *Enhancement of the thickened walls with gadolinium contrast material can be seen when some degree of activity is present. Th

[edit] Angiography

  • Angiography was the traditional method for diagnosing Takayasu arteritis.
  • Characteristic arteriographic pattern that includes irregular vessel walls, stenosis, poststenotic dilatation, aneurysm formation, occlusion, and evidence of increased collateral circulation.

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