Tc-99m HMPAO labeled WBC

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[edit] Photon energy

140 KeV

[edit] Uses, dosages, and Time of Imaging

  • Infection: 10 mCi IV
    • 2 hours for abdominal
    • 4 hours for skeletal (30 min whole body acquisition, 10 min spots)

[edit] Physical half life

6 hours

[edit] Biological half life

4 hours

[edit] Normal distribution

Spleen, liver, kidney, bone marrow

[edit] Pharmacokinetics

Radiolabel in vitro

[edit] Excretion

Hepatobiliary, renal

[edit] Target organ

Colon, bladder, spleen

[edit] Other

  • Lipophilic: crosses cell membranes and BBB; bound to mitochondria, nucleus
  • Better image quality and lower radiation dose than In-111 WBC
  • High false positive rate for spine infection (Ga-67 may be preferable)