Tc-99m sulfur colloid

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[edit] Photon energy

140 keV

[edit] Uses, dosages, and Time of Imaging

[edit] Liver/spleen scan

  • Adult dose: 4-8 mCi IV
  • Pediatric dose: 30-50 uCi/kg (min 300 uCi)
  • Time of imaging: 20 min

[edit] GI bleeding

  • Adult dose: 10 mCi IV
  • Time of imaging: Immediate (1 sec frames x 60 sec; 1-2 min frames x 20 min)

[edit] Physical half life

6 hours

[edit] Biological half life

[edit] Normal distribution

Liver, spleen, bone marrow

[edit] Pharmacokinetics

  • Rapid extraction by liver, spleen, and bone marrow; active bleeding increases in conspicuity as background clears
  • Small colloid particles (0.1-1.0 mm) extracted by RES; localization is flow-dependent; taken up by Kupffer cells in liver

[edit] Excretion


[edit] Target organ

Liver, spleen

[edit] Other

  • Liver (85%), spleen (10%), bone marrow (5%);
  • colloid shift in severe liver dysfunction
  • All hepatic masses except FNH are cold