Thyroid scan and uptake sample dictation

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HISTORY: The patient is [] year-old [] with [low TSH/hyperthyroidism, normal thyroid function profile, asymptomatic]. Evaluate thyroid gland function, size, and parenchymal pattern.

PROCEDURE: Images of the thyroid were obtained with the pinhole collimator 15 minutes following the IV administration of [] mCi of Tc-99m pertechnetate. 24 hour I-131 uptake was obtained following the oral administration of [] mCi of I-131.


FINDINGS: The Tc-99m pertechnetate thyroid scan shows [enlarged / normal-sized] gland with [homogeneous, symmetric, increased] radiotracer activity in both thyroid lobes.

Lobar size: right lobe [] cm longitudinally, left lobe [] cm, which is [within / above] normal limits.

There is [paucity of / increased / normal] radiotracer activity in the background.

The 24 hour I-131 uptake is [] %, which is [greater than / below / within] normal limits.

IMPRESSION: [Normal/Abormal] radionuclide thyroid scintigraphy and iodine uptake.

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