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[edit] Discussion of Transitional vertebra

  • Transitional vertebrae are frequently encountered developmental variants of the spine.
  • They are found in approximately 20% of human skeletons
  • Often involve the sacrococcygeal and lumbosacral junctions.
  • The L5 vertebra can be incorporated into the sacrum ("sacralized") or the S1 vertebra can be incorporated into the lumbar spine ("lumbarized").
  • The transitional vertebra retains partial features of the segments above and below it so that the total number of vertebrae in the spinal column remains relatively constant.
  • Transitional vertebrae are usually incidental findings during radiologic evaluation but rarely, when an enlarged transverse process irritates adjacent tissues, can be symptomatic.
  • The most clinically important aspect of transitional vertebrae is the potential for confusion over the labeling or assignment of vertebral levels during medical or surgical treatment planning.

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