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Procedure: Tunneled catheter removal.

Radiologists: []

History: []


With the patient in supine position, the [right] side of the neck and the existing catheter were prepped and draped in a sterile fashion. 2% Lidocaine was injected subcutaneously around the catheter tract. Blunt dissection of the tract was performed and the catheter was removed without complications. [The tip was cut and sent for culture and sensitivity.]

With the patient now sitting upright, pressure was held over the entry site in the [right] internal jugular vein and hemostasis was achieved. Dressings were placed over the skin wound on the subclavicular region. The patient tolerated the procedure well.

Dr. [], the attending interventional radiologist, was present for the critical portions of the procedure and reviewed all images obtained.


Successful removal of [right] internal jugular vein tunneled catheter. [Tip sent for culture.]