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[edit] Discussion of Ureterocele

  • Cystic dilatation of the intravesical segment of the ureter.
  • Ureteroceles may be associated with either a single or a duplex ureter.
  • The congenital defect is the obstruction of the meatus, and the ureterocele is simply a hyperplastic response to this obstruction.

  • Ureteroceles may be either simple or ectopic.
    • An ectopic ureterocele is more inferiorly located than a simple ureterocele.
    • It is usually unilateral and is far more common in girls than in boys.

[edit] Imaging Findings for Ureterocele

  • At US, the ureterocele is identified as a cystic intravesical mass contiguous with a dilated ureter.
  • At VCUG, a collapsed simple ureterocele usually manifests as a rounded filling defect within the bladder.
  • When performed, IVU will usually demonstrate a collection of contrast material within the ureterocele, which produces the classic cobra head sign consisting of a round or oval area of increased opacity surrounded by the radiolucent halo of the wall of the ureterocele.

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